How Breast Plastic Surgery Can Enhance a Woman’s Physical Appearance

Breast plastic surgery can enhance a woman’s physical appearance by adding fullness to the breasts and improving breast and body proportions. It can also boost self-esteem and confidence for women who are dissatisfied with their smaller-than-desired breast size. Breast augmentation can be done alone or as part of a lift and reduction procedure for patients who want to raise sagging breasts or improve their contour after pregnancy or weight loss.

Breast implants are artificial shells filled with silicone gel or saline (sterile salt water). Plastic surgeons who specialize in breast augmentation and reconstruction use them to change the size and shape of a patient’s breasts. They can be inserted under the pectoral muscle, or in front of it and within the tissue. The surgeon makes an incision into the breast to create a pocket, and then places the implant inside it. They may move the implant into different positions to get a more natural-looking breast contour. 가슴필러 병원추천

The most common technique for breast implants is placing them through a cut on the underside of the breast, in the area of the natural skin fold. This leaves a scar on the underside of the breast, but it is less visible than an incision through the center of the chest. Some doctors prefer to place implants under the pectoral muscle rather than in the breast tissue itself. This produces more natural results but can cause implant shift or rupture if the surgeon moves the implants too often.

Occasionally, plastic surgeons will reconstruct the breast with a patient’s own natural tissues. This method is called autologous breast reconstruction. In autologous tissue reconstruction, a piece of tissue containing skin, fat, blood vessels, and sometimes muscle is removed from another part of the body and used to rebuild the breast. It’s usually done after a nipple-sparing mastectomy for cancer patients or those at high risk of developing it.

Other forms of breast reconstruction include using a patient’s own tissue to build a “flap.” A piece of breast skin and other tissue from the abdomen, chest wall, or other parts of the body is moved over the site of the mastectomy and anchored with sutures. In some cases, a flap is used to reconstruct the nipple and areola as well.

For some patients, especially those with a slimmer frame, the best option for breast reconstruction is a combination of nipple-sparing surgery and implants. This is called a “Breast in a Day.” Breast in a Day is an innovative surgical option for patients who need both a nipple-sparing or lumpectomy and breast reconstruction with implants. The surgeon performs both procedures in one day, saving the nipple and areola while reconstructing the remaining breast with implants. This allows women to return to their everyday lives more quickly. For this reason, some insurance companies cover the cost of this type of surgery. Most do not cover breast augmentation surgery, however. So it’s important for people considering this cosmetic procedure to have enough money saved to pay for it.닥터케빈의원