Hairline Calibration

Hairline calibration is a key part of the preoperative planning stage of a scalp micropigmentation procedure. It involves a precise measurement of the facial thirds to find out where the ideal location of the hairline is. It also identifies the patient’s ideal hairline shape and determines how much forehead reduction is needed.헤어라인교정병원

The hairline is a crucial aspect of an aesthetically-appealing head-scarfe repair. The goal of the hairline lowering process is to create a natural-looking and functional line that divides the scalp from the face, allowing for proper movement, ventilation, and light reflection. A good hairline is designed to mimic the philippine golden ratio, and it should be adapted for the specific facial features of each patient.

When a scalp micropigmentation technique is performed, it is recommended to use different pigment densities for the various elements of the design, such as the base and outline of the hairline, the lateral hairline, and the crown. This helps achieve a more realistic image of a full head of shaved hair and can even give the impression of 3D scalp micropigmentation when used properly.

In the case of a hairline lower procedure, it is important to check the flexibility of the scalp by pulling it near the hairline. A flexible scalp is usually indicative of a good result as it means that the hairline won’t be stuck in one position and that the surgeon can lower the hairline to where it needs to be without too much pain or swelling.

It is also important to evaluate the underlying facial structure and the degree of progression of the patient’s hair loss, as these can affect how far the hairline can be lowered. For example, a patient with progressive hair loss will require a higher initial hairline that can be moved forward in the future, while patients who are largely stable may be happy with a lower hairline.

Another issue to keep in mind is that, although it is not expressly supported by the software, hairlines can be created by assigning a stroke weight of zero in Illustrator. This can go unnoticed, especially when the stroke is a light color, and can cause problems in print production if not corrected.모우다의원