A Diet Hospital – How to Reimagine Patient Food

A diet hospital, how to reimagine patient food

Hospital meals are a complex matter that combines multiple constraints: catering production, food provision organization, 강남 다이어트 병원 health safety and respect of patients’ habits. This ensemble often triggers the need to resort to nutritional diet prescriptions, which may have a direct impact on the quantity and quality of meal trays served to patients. This in turn increases the risk of non-consumption and contributes to a spiral of undernutrition.

It is therefore important to provide healthy, balanced and appropriate standard diets (with or without therapeutic dietary restrictions) in accordance with nutritional recommendations. Moreover, it is also essential to offer menus that take into account the personal preferences of individual patients (dislikes, requests, etc.), the pathophysiological context, their lifestyle and culture and beliefs.

To this end, a group of 50 national experts (dieticians and physicians) has been involved in drafting proposals for a set of recommendations to be used by hospitals. They are meant to clarify in adults:

These recommendations will enable the hospital to rationalize its food and diets, allowing it to focus on the individual needs of patients while ensuring tasty foods. This is the goal that Jodi Krefetz and Helen Wirth, leaders of food services and Stanford Hospital hospitality, have set for themselves. They are working with clinicians and dieticians to reimagine patient food and create real-food alternatives to supplements like Ensure, which are ultra-processed and high in corn syrup. You can see their work in action here.다이어트약