an obstetrics and gynecology hospital

As a medical student, you’ll learn the basics of human anatomy and physiology in the first two years of medical school. The final two years focus on practical clinical experience in clinics and hospitals, where you’ll work as an apprentice for a more senior doctor. This is called a residency, and it’s during this time that you’ll choose your specialty. OB-GYNs specialize in the reproductive health of women, including prenatal care and delivery, as well as the management of female hormones, uterine diseases, and problems with sexual function and the reproductive organs after childbirth.

During your obstetrics and gynecology hospital rotation, you’ll gain hands-on experience performing examinations and surgeries on female patients from early adolescence through menopause and beyond. You’ll also be able to offer patients the latest therapies in the management of fertility issues, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF). This is important because it means you’re a valuable member of your patient’s healthcare team, and you can play an essential role in her journey toward parenthood.

After completing your OB-GYN residency, you’ll be able to apply for any job that requires a license to practice medicine in the United States. Medical students at AUC’s Office of Career Advisement can help you navigate this next phase of your education and find a position that suits you. Our students have achieved success with residency placements across the country, including at prestigious institutions like Beaumont Hospital in Michigan; Bridgeport Hospital in Connecticut; LSU Health Shreveport Academic Medical Center in Louisiana; and Memorial West Hospital in Florida.신논현산부인과

The OB-GYN field includes many subspecialties, such as maternal-fetal medicine, infertility, and endocrinology and gynecologic oncology. Some physicians choose to continue their education with a fellowship in one of these subfields, which last from 2-4 years. Others opt to enter private practice and provide a comprehensive range of gynecological services, including pelvic exams, pap smears, and the treatment of urinary tract infections, vaginal tumors, and ovarian cysts.강남역산부인과

OB-GYNs are an integral part of a woman’s healthcare team, and you can count on our OB-GYN hospital to provide the high-quality care you deserve. Learn more about our program by calling or emailing us today!