Shoulder Plastic Surgery

shoulder plastic surgery

Shoulder Plastic Surgery

Shoulder plastic surgery can help patients with damaged shoulder joints and ligaments regain function and relieve pain. The surgeons who perform this procedure use the latest techniques and equipment to minimize complications. Patients should discuss the risks with their doctors before scheduling a procedure.어깨필러

The most common reason for shoulder joint replacement is pain from arthritis that cannot be controlled with medications or other treatments. The symptoms usually include a grinding or grating feeling in the shoulder and stiffness that gets worse over time. The cartilage that cushions the bones of the shoulder joint can wear away, causing the bone surfaces to rub against each other. The procedure involves replacing the worn cartilage and bone with artificial parts called prostheses. The new shoulder joint will have a smooth surface and not rub against the other bones of the shoulder, which should alleviate pain. A new shoulder joint should last for about 10 to 20 years, depending on how much stress the patient puts on the joint.

During the operation, a team of nurses and physical therapists will monitor your condition. The surgeon will make a cut in the skin of your shoulder and insert a tube with a camera (called an arthroscope). The arthroscope transmits images to a video monitor, so the surgeon can view the inside of your shoulder joint. The surgeon removes the damaged sections of the shoulder bone and socket, then replaces them with metal pieces that have a smooth surface. The surgeon may also add a plastic cup-shaped part to the socket side of the shoulder joint to improve its stability.

Other types of shoulder replacement include anatomic total shoulder replacement, which replaces both the ball and socket of the shoulder. This type of implant resembles the natural shape of the shoulder bones, and it is commonly used in patients with severe shoulder arthritis and a rotator cuff tear. The surgeon can also do a reverse total shoulder replacement, in which the socket and the upper arm bone (humerus) are replaced with implants that are shaped differently from the natural joints. This design offers more stability and does not rely on the rotator cuff to hold the shoulder in place.

Another type of shoulder replacement is a partial shoulder replacement, in which only the head of the humerus (ball portion of the joint) is replaced. Sometimes, this is recommended for patients who have a severe shoulder fracture of the humeral head or a very large rotator cuff tear. The new shoulder joint is held in place with either absorbable suture anchors or metallic anchors that are buried in the shoulder bone and then gradually absorbed into the healing tissues.

Patients who have shoulder replacements often recover enough to return to most daily activities. However, they should avoid lifting heavy weights and participating in sports that require repetitive overhead activity until the shoulder is strong enough to withstand them. Patients who have a physically demanding job should talk to their surgeons and physical therapists before returning to work.닥터케빈의원